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All of our programmes are based on the best evidence from international research in business, psychology, and adult education.

Valuing diversity

There is an increasing body of evidence that organisations that value the diversity of their workforces, perform better. Our diversity training sessions focus on three of the most neglected and marginalised groups of people in our society, those with mental health problems, autism spectrum conditions, and learning disabilities. Increasing numbers of people with these conditions enter the workforce, but suffer the impact of stigma, discrimination and lack of understanding from managers and co-workers.

Our awareness training sessions are facilitated by experts in the area concerned, usually professionally qualified health professionals who work in the area they train on, which means your staff benefit from up to date and expert knowledge. Wherever possible, we include the voices of service users to support you and your staff to gain a better understanding of the experience of those with disabilities in the workforce.

We can offer half day sessions on mental health in the workplace, autism awareness, and awareness for those likely to come across individuals with learning disabilities during the course of their work. We are also able to offer specialist assessment and consultation on reasonable adjustments in the workplace and coaching support to either managers who need support in their role with regard to an individual with one of these disabilities, or to individuals who wish to develop their skills and enhance their career prospects.