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About us
We can help your organisation to improve employee engagement, build team cohesion, improve staff wellbeing, and support diversity in the workplace.

At Reflective Learning we are passionate about your learning. We would love to train your team! We strongly believe we can make you more effective at what you do, more resilient to stress and pressure, and more strategic and creative in your thinking.

Our passion and commitment to what we do is backed up by a sophisticated and academically robust model of adult learning and development that draws on the best available evidence to inform our work. In other words, there is a great deal of technical expertise that informs our excellent training sessions.  We have put together the following information to tell you a little more about what inspires us and the thinking behind our work.  

Cutting edge content, based on best evidence

The content of our training sessions draws on well-respected research that has stood the test of time, as well as cutting edge findings that have influenced research and practice in fields ranging from management and leadership studies to occupational and clinical psychology. We regularly consult academic journals and leading business publications such as the Harvard Business Review to bring you the most up to date perspectives and ideas.

Expert trainers with practical experience

Our trainers are experts in their fields, management professionals, experts in mental health, or chartered psychologists who understand and critically evaluate research and practice to bring you the best knowledge in innovative and creative learning formats. We also insist that our trainers are consummate practitioners of their respective crafts – applied clinical psychologists, experienced and respected senior managers, and practicing mental health professionals. We do not send you corporate trainers who teach to a script, but lack the practical knowledge, experience and authority to inspire you and your team.

Sessions designed for different learning styles

Everyone is different. We believe in devising learning methods that tap into a range of individual, natural learning styles and build into our workshops a variety of learning experiences.  We draw on accepted academic models of adult learning, including theorists as diverse as Vygotsky, Kolb, and Schön.  We also believe in group intelligence – what we can achieve as a group is more than the sum of our individual capabilities.  This is why we love team training and developing organisation-wide interventions – so everyone can benefit from the collective creative energy and, during training, discover a common language.

Innovative ways to capture learning

During many of our sessions, we capture group learning and creativity using innovative visual and digital methods. In this way we ensure that your team is able to draw on their own experiences when they put their learning into action. It is also very often the case that engaging in creative group work and reflecting on group learning lead to those “Aha” moments when insight turns into inspiration, complexity and muddle turns into clarity and vision, and inertia transforms into planned, creative action.

Your investment is assured through our accountability to you

You might like to be sure that your investment in learning and development was a good use of your organisation’s resources. For us this means that we would really like to start the journey of developing training pathways for your workforce with you so that we can share with you our expertise in evaluation and our commitment to being accountable for our work from the planning stage onwards. We have developed our own model of evaluating our work using accepted multi-level evaluation frameworks such as the Kirkpatrick model as a basis for our own multidimensional assessments that include tapping into important areas such as training impact, quality of content, and engagement by learners. For projects that involve delivering to a learning and development strategy, we usually include a transparent and honest assessment report on the impact and quality of our work as part of our offer.

Our history in a nutshell

You might like to know that the company was founded in 2008 by Dr Natius Oelofsen, a clinical psychologist with a varied training background including postgraduate level training in clinical psychology, psychoanalytic thinking, art and psychotherapy, and empirical research. Dr Oelofsen has conducted scientific research, published academic papers in peer-reviewed international journals, and written for the professional and business press. In addition, he has extensive experience of working with individuals and teams both as a trainer and as a therapist, helping people change and develop, and overcome obstacles and thrive in the face of challenges.

During our first few years of trading, we focused primarily on providing specialist psychological supervision to teams in the care sector and developing reflective practice in service delivery organisations. More recently, we have grown as more and more businesses in other sectors of the economy have found our services helped their staff improve their self-management skills, effectiveness, and resilience.

Choose us: We would love to train your team!

If you choose us, you will receive a comprehensive service, a fair price, and, quite frankly, you will deal with people who care passionately and have pride in their work!  We would love to train your team, so contact us today!